October Focus

As we well and truly welcome Autumn this October so to we welcome the chance for change within ourselves. Autumn is a wonderful time of year, an opportunity to shed things that no longer serve us (like the leaves fall from the tree) and reconnect with the parts of our lives that are key for our future growth. In order to do this, we must first embrace a level of virtuous observance or introspection. Read More

Energy Editing - What is it?

What is it? It is a way of using Kinesiology to cleanse your energetic body. I have been practicing this for a while now and it really is awesome. It helps you to release limiting beliefs, thoughts and or fears (you may not even have realized you had) from your subtle body. It clears the blocks that can stop you achieving your goals and creating the life you want. Whether it be earning the salary of your dreams or increasing the business turnover or improving your relationships. It is so amazing and so simple. It is simply muscle testing your body for what you need to clear. Its best if we allow the “mind” to get out of the way so that we don’t over think it all. Read More

The Retreat, France 2016

Last month My Soul Space took a lucky team of yoga-lovers on a French Retreat to the gorgeous St Felix in the South of France. Our aim was to “Retreat” from the daily hustle and bustle of life, media and all the distractions that go with it. No specific itinerary, the idea of not being “busy” and, importantly, to be “free” to do and think what you like. Read More

Inversions Love them or hate them?

Everyone has an opinion on Inversions and some people love them some avoid them at all costs. For me it is a timing thing. Most of the time I really enjoy an inversion, It feels like playtime for me. I often kick up into a headstand if I have lots of nervous energy racing around me that I don’t know what to do with. But also when I know I am sluggish and I just have to get going (often before I teach a class) I will do a handstand and I find it really energizes me. Read More

Hot Yoga with the DIY SOS team

We were delighted to welcome the DIY SOS team for. Hot yoga session this week and their BBC film crew! Look out for us on the telly. Read More

The Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Yoga The My Soul Space Way

Our system of hot yoga is is a modified Bikram sequence. Our teacher Jozef Wiewel has many years of experience as a physiotherapist and specifically working with professional athletes - ballerinas and footballers and making sure they were fit for their jobs. Read More