The Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Yoga The My Soul Space Way

Our system of hot yoga is is a modified Bikram sequence. Our teacher Jozef Wiewel has many years of experience as a physiotherapist and specifically working with professional athletes - ballerinas and footballers and making sure they were fit for their jobs.


The Body

This sequence is designed to strengthen the body and take the body through a safe range of movement. We are not interested in going deep into a pose and the body is not interested in that either - the joints need movement to lubricate them and bring fresh blood and energy in. The spine needs to be moved forwards, Sideways and through twists - but keeping it in alignment so we don't compromise the hips or the knees and end up with more issues. The back is looked after in this sequence and we teach the body to use the other muscles in the body to support it. Using the tummy to aid a back bend, using the thighs to aid a forward fold. The knees and hips are safe as always focusing alignment. As your keep a regular practice the body starts to change and feel better. And your body will thank you for your regular practice through the years.


The Mind

We practice mindful movement so that you take yourself into the Asana (pose) - know your limits and don,t push on past them and then steady yourself and focus on calms breathing.

"Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodhaha (1.2)

Tara Drastuh Svarupe Avasthanam" (1.3)

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

"Yoga is experienced in that mind, which has ceased to identify itself with vacillating waves of perception. When this happens, then the Seer is revealed, resting in its own essential nature, and one realises the True Self"

Or as my philosophy teacher (Philipp Lemke) explained it a little more clearly,

"Yoga is the shift from identifying with the changing contents of the mind (in subject-object relativity) to realising one's True and Unchanging Nature (of Purusa)."


Basically finding the stillness in each pose.

When beginning hot yoga there are so many things to think about and deal with; the heat, the noise of heaters and music, how the poses feel for you, your balance, your alignment etc. but when you keep coming this gets easier. - you feel the poise, the connection.


When you know the sequence

Like the back of your hand the challenge is to be present, to find this stillness, to drop the ego, the competition with yourself and with others. In each class challenge yourself to learn something new maybe about the muscles working in your body, or how to deepen your focus. I learnt how beneficial this hot yoga practices is from having 15 years of back pain due to snowboarding, wakeboard and various horse riding falls. I have cut out my regular trips to the Osteopath as this really really works. I recommend 3 hot bod classes a week.


The Heat

We heat to studio to body temperature 36/37 degrees. Not as extreme as some studios but plenty hot enough.

The room is brought up to about 50% humidity so you can sweat with ease- as the sweat helps to cool the body down.

You need to replenish the electrolytes that may be lay by excessive sweating by drinking plenty and coconut water is great for this.