Energy Editing - What is it?

What is it? It is a way of using Kinesiology to cleanse your energetic body.

I have been practicing this for a while now and it really is awesome. It helps you to release limiting beliefs, thoughts and or fears (you may not even have realized you had) from your subtle body. It clears the blocks that can stop you achieving your goals and creating the life you want.

 Whether it be earning the salary of your dreams or increasing the business turnover or improving your relationships. It is so amazing and so simple. It is simply muscle testing your body for what you need to clear.

Its best if we allow the “mind” to get out of the way so that we don’t over think it all.


What can I expect from a session?

The sessions usually take an hour but the processing of the energy edit can continue on for 4 weeks.

We can work with 1 specific topic at a time and figure out what is holding you back or creating the same patterns to arrive again and again.


What will happen after the session?

You can feel a little tired and/or relaxed immediately after so it is a good idea to allow for a 10 minute lie down and not race off or return back into a busy room straight away.

People are affected in many different ways by the Energy Edit. Some feel nothing at all going on at the time and some remember things from the past or feel hot etc. - but no matter what you will still see subtle changes in the way life treats you afterwards. Some feel yawny or fidgety and a little tired or sensitive for a day or so after.

 It is important to do the non-negotiable self-care afterwards to allow the process to clear completely without any symptoms. You may notice vivid dreams or just feeling more energized physically.

But you will really notice a difference in how you deal with the world – or what comes your way.


How did I get into Energy Editing?

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years now and teaching for 16 and I love love love my Yoga practice its like my little daily happiness installment for my body and my mind. Having a strong awareness of the energy in a room as we practice or different “vibes” people bring in fascinates me. I have wanted to learn more. My Mother was a truly inspirational lady in my life, a Homoeopath and healer. Through my teenage years she was at university and studying lots of slightly weird and wonderful holistic practices. She was so passionate about it all and often tested her new skills out on us kids.

I am so excited to meet and get to know Michelle Lowbridge (author of Wealthology) and train with her wonderful Energy Editing System. This allows me to work with People’s Energy on a one-to-one basis now either in person or remotely via Skype or Face time

It works remarkably well even with a huge distance and especially when people are in the comfort of their own home or where they feel relaxed. I truly love this work and it has inspired me so much.


What can I expect to happen?

We can clear limiting beliefs, thoughts, fears or triggers that you may not have even realized that you hold onto. For example words or statements that you heard as a child and without knowing you internalized and stored.

Sometimes there are tears and sometimes laughter – Sometimes as you say things you feel a reaction just by verbalizing it and becoming aware of it.

This is a mind-blowingly powerful system for buffing up your energy so you sparkle as brightly as you possibly can

Sometimes its just little thoughts you tell yourself about yourself that no longer serve you which are released and sometimes it can be just something you were told at school by teachers or peers – that are de-cluttered from your system. A simple process with powerful results.

Our beliefs about money are so different even within one family - how – one member locks in a belief like “you have to work hard for a living” or “I can never earn as much as so and so…”

We can work with your specific and often buried thought /belief/ fear to lighten your load and attract the wealth, the career, the new home/partner etc into your life.

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You may wish to make just 1 initial appointment or book a package of 4.
I look forward to working with you!

Let nothing stand in your way of attaining your goals. This is work I literally cannot wait to do.

“To infinity and beyond” Buzz light year.