October Focus

‘We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’ T.S. Elliott

October-Blog-1As we well and truly welcome Autumn this October so to we welcome the chance for change within ourselves. Autumn is a wonderful time of year, an opportunity to shed things that no longer serve us (like the leaves fall from the tree) and reconnect with the parts of our lives that are key for our future growth. In order to do this, we must first embrace a level of virtuous observance or introspection.

Our October focus at My Soul Space is Svadhyaya, self-observance and study. This is the concept that we are able to see our true nature through the contemplation of our life’s lessons on and indeed off the yoga mat. It is part of the path that leads us to better understand our own desires, motivations, strengths and weaknesses. Life presents an endless opportunity to learn about ourselves; our flaws and weaknesses give us the opportunity to grow and our mistakes allow us to learn. The yogic practice of Svadhyaya requires both seeing who we are in the moment and seeing beyond our current state to realise our true self.

As all of the HotBod teachers have done some work with Jozef Wiewel (the ‘teachers teacher’) this month you may start to notice a few changes to the HotBod sequence that we have all become so accustomed to. The directions might sound ever so slightly different, or a posture may have changed a touch – and we invite you to let go of all expectation, all judgement and return your mind to that of a beginner. Step onto your mat with a clear mind, free from judgement, ready to embrace the asana practice with svadhyaya, (self-study) in mind. Study your own practice, your own body, notice how it feels and how it moves. What feels good? What no longer suits you? We all too often become complacent, relying on our previous experience and habits to guide us through practice, allowing no room for future development. Take some time this October to shed preconception and embrace introspection, who knows what you might discover...

Wishing you all a wonderful October. Namaste.
Sasha Ford


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