How Becoming a Business Woman Unleashed My Super Powers


I set up my yoga studio four years ago and it was ten years in my dreams.
I have learnt so much about myself and the world in doing so. When I trained as a yoga teacher, I did so just because I was fascinated how that form of exercise can make you feel so good.

Then along the way as I taught in many different places, rooms, gyms, retreats – I longed to have my own space to teach from. I longed for space and props and for the good vibes to be built on as time goes by.

The studio has been all that I hoped for and more. It is such a beautiful space to practise both with clients and when I'm all alone. The light that comes through the windows in the morning is beautiful and through the slightly humid air in the room always looks magical.
Sharing this space with all who visit is awesome – we are all on our own journeys – whether it be clients who come and go or the regulars who have been coming right since the very beginning – it is lovely to have created this space to share.
When I taught my first class with so many lovely yogis, it literally was a dream come true. I felt surreal and I was over the moon.
Whilst I have led classes for so many years, it was the business side of the studio that I loved , too. I learnt so many names, I learnt new software, I learnt so much about people both clients and teaching staff and so many lessons came up along the way.
I dived deeply into my spiritual practices to keep me “sane” throughout – juggling the four different babysitters a week in the beginning for my little boys to missing the PT meetings or the drinks with the girls because I was working.
I learnt the power of intentions. I had gone from birthing my new baby (the studio) to learning how to sleep at night as it was such an entity in itself.

The spiritual tools helped so much – each year I had a new intention whether it was just to be able to put my boys to bed, to being able to attend the night out to creating more space to grow my healing business.

All of this started with a clear intention.

A belief that it is possible and a trust in the universe to be on my side.

So much self work was done! The studio was created and developed with my sweat and tears at times, too. But I love what it has become – I love that it is a special place for so many to feel good about themselves.

I love that we have made it about a place to feel at ease, relaxed and not focus on the physicality of yoga too much.
I love that in developing this business I have been able to blossom as a business woman and doubt myself so much less.
I love that it led me to find my new work as a healer and spiritual coach.

I must admit I did not see it coming. But now I work with clients all over the world and help them make the transitions in their life – whether it is my Soul Baby clients who need some support and healing to become a mother or the entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed who can transition into clear thinking, grounded leaders who are more successful and appreciative of all that they can achieve.
Talking today with my dear friend and monk, who knew me before I became a mum, before I had lost my mum, for him to tell me how proud he is of me and all I had achieved. He said he could see that spiritual glint in me all those years ago and he is so pleased to see me blossom.
Yay yay yay! That is a real point in my life to breath in and celebrate. Not because of the achievemnts so much as to feel how good it feels to be truly blossoming.


I so love my work and the spiritual skills I have been developing – it gives me so much joy to work with the Akashic Records and help clients understand themselves, and heal and make decisions to get them a little more Aligned to their Dreams.
It is such an honour and a pleasure to share that sacred space with my dear clients. I learn so much each time and the energy we connect to is profound.
It feels now that I am on a new chapter of my life or even a new book entirely!
Launching my new baby – The Soul Baby programme and working with such wonderful people makes my heart sing.
Bring on the babies, bring on the joy and in this sincere moment of appreciation I am truly grateful for all that has gone before.
I love my new business so much, I’m so excited for all that is surely going to unfold fo me and my clients.


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