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All our teachers are here to guide you through your practice, making it a safe and enjoyable experience. We ensure all teachers are fully certified to teach and have a passion for their subject.

If you have any questions regarding the class or about specific poses, please feel free to speak to the teacher after class.

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Emma BurtonEmma Burton

Emma fell in love with yoga in her first class. Whilst learning her new practice that day she was inspired by a lady in her 80's balancing on one leg looking serene. Totally in awe of how she felt after the class and what she had observed, she became fascinated by this practise, travelling the world to discover all she could. Following her own journey she naturally fell into teaching, training in Australia & Switzerland.

With nearly 20 years of practising Yoga and over 14 years of teaching yoga. Yoga has helped her through the arrival of her two gorgeous boys, motherhood and much more. 

Emma has created My Soul Space for others to start their journey and reep the benefits of Hot Yoga and alike.

poppy-roePoppy Roe

Having heard about the wonders and benefits of yoga, when my sister became pregnant it didn’t take me long to get us booked in our very first class 8 years ago years ago. I took to the mat and I haven’t looked back since. After developing my practice over several years, and enjoying learning from a range of brilliant teachers, I decided the next stage of my yoga journey was to become a teacher myself, not only to learn how to teach, but to delve deeper into my own practice and expand my knowledge.

With this in mind, I packed my bag and flew to Morocco to complete my 200hr training with YogaHaven. I was extremely fortunate enough to have been taught by an array of great teachers. The benefits of yoga seem never ending and I truly believe any person of any ability, age or any body type can feel these benefits. Yoga is often recommended by osteopaths and physiotherapists to help relieve pains, but is also as incredible for the mind as it is for the body. 

I'm excited to share my passion with students and encourage individual development. I hope for my classes to provide respite from the daily routine, leaving you feeling re-energised, happy and excited for the next one. I look forward to giving you a warm welcome to my classes.

amber-huangAmber Huang

I was born and raised in Taiwan and have been practicing yoga since 2009, where I met my teacher Prathap who opened my heart to yoga. What keeps me motivated to practice is that , there is always some way to grow and I feel that preserving physical and mental health is essential.The key is to never give up practicing, no matter what the obstacle is.
As a yoga instructor, I enjoy sharing my personal learning experience and inspirations to help students gain insight into their own practice.

candice-mansellCandice Mansell

I had heard about the benefits of yoga for many years yet playing and training in competitive sport, I never had time to give it a try. When I fell pregnant 8 years ago, I decided to give it a go not only for the physical benefits, but hoping I would learn how to focus my mind for the labour!!! I started yoga with my sister Poppy and my mum, and really haven't looked back. I am a proud mum to two wonderful children.

It was in 2015 that I decided to take the next step and complete my teacher training. I was fortunate to travel with Poppy to Morocco and complete my 200hr teacher training with Yoga Haven. My background in sport and career as a paramedic gives me a good understanding of the human body and is key to understanding safe yoga practice.

For all of us life is busy and hectic. We all have plans and dreams,hopes and aspirations which we juggle and compromise as we cope with day to day life. Stepping onto a yoga mat gives us all much needed time; time to just be and time to turn our focus inwards and help us on this journey we call life.

Each of our journeys through both life and yoga are unique. It is forever a practice, challenging your mind and body in different ways each time you step onto your mat, with no two practices ever being the same. What I love about teaching yoga is being part of that journey, inspiring others, guiding your practice and doing it with a smile!

helen-evason_copyHelen Evason

Twenty-five years ago I was backpacking in India, and went to my first yoga class. I was very sceptical about it, and thought it was going to be either some weird hippy stuff, or, even worse, like P.E. classes at school. How wrong I was! Ever since then, yoga has been a part of my life.

I've always appreciated the mental benefits of practising, and even during the most stressful times in my life, for example when I was having IVF, I've always known that I can get on my mat, and switch off from real life for a while.

Now that I'm in my mid forties, I am grateful for not only the mental, but also the physical benefits yoga brings. It's kept me strong and flexible, which I need to keep me from getting injured at work, as a plumber, and as a keen runner.

Sometimes I struggle to prioritise yoga, because I've got a young family, and I run my own business, but I just have to remind myself, that I have never done a yoga class that I've regretted, and the more I do it, the better I feel. I hope to go on deepening my knowledge of yoga, and practising for the rest of my life.

helen-croftHelen Crofts

Helen has been practicing yoga for the last twelve years, having discovered the joy and benefits of yoga whilst pregnant with her first child.

She teaches a flowing hatha style suitable for all abilities: advanced postures are included for more experienced yogis who may wish to challenge themselves but always with the option to adopt less demanding asanas if preferred.

Classes incorporate pranayama (breathing techniques) and end with relaxation (shivasana).




angela-leeAngela Lee

My journey into Yoga has taken an unusual path. Having taught various forms of fitness & been involved in the fitness industry since the 1980’s I was always more interested in the high energy pursuits & dismissed anything like yoga as being far too slow for me.  In truth my flexibility was appalling so it just wasn’t comfortable.

Then after paying ‘lip service’ to stretching combined with pushing on after injuries persistent pain forced me to re-evaluate.  A consultant recommended physiotherapy in turn I was recommended Pilates, I hated it!  However I did continue & resulting in training with Body Control Pilates London 2013. The combined focus of alignment & correct movement completely transformed my body.

This opened up a different area of exercise for me. I found ‘power Yoga’ which encompassed Iyengar, Ashtanga & flow yoga, which suited my desire to physically work hard.  I trained with Freestyle Fitness Yoga in 2014.  After a series of experimentation attending various classes, workshops & lots of lovely retreats in exotic locations. I started to become more curious to the spiritual aspect of Yoga. I will probably remain more passionate about the physical benefits, but without incorporating mindfulness of the mental peace & calm that Yoga brings into my life would miss the vital component.

In 2017 Emma invited me to train with Jozef Wiewel for the HotBod sequence which has consolidated much of my learning so far.  Practising with heat has added a whole new dimension, being warmer allows you to move freely, focusing on breath means the heart is exercising too.  Sweating encourages a cleansing & detoxing promoting well-being.

I love being part of Mysoulspace Yogi’s & look forward to continuing to deepen my practice & learning.

sian-milneSian Milne

Since a young age I had always been a sports woman, snowboarding, rock climbing, horse riding and just about anything else that got my adrenaline racing. Competing, coaching and traveling lead to a rather nomadic life and eventually to a career as a professional stunt performer in the film industry.

I was 30 years old before yoga found me, but it was just at the right time. I was quite literally dragged to my first class by a well meaning friend, sick of hearing me complain as I tried to to heal from yet another injury. Initially I felt nothing but frustration that my burned out body could not 'perform' like everyone else in the room, I couldn't 'compete' with all these amazingly bendy people!! Ever so slowly, slowly the light began to dawn and I saw that for once, maybe I didn't need to ....maybe it was OK just to be me, as I was right at that moment - The relief was amazing both mentally and physically, negative thought patterns and old injuries began to melt away.

In 2016, after being blown away by my positive experience with hot yoga, I took the plunge and enrolled on both a Hot Yoga teacher training course with Jozef Weiwel at CAM yoga and a vinyasa based yoga teacher training with Briohny Smyth of BRYCE yoga. Before yoga I was disconnected and frustrated with many issues in my life, yoga gave me the touch stone that I needed to ground myself, reconnect my body with my mind and start allowing myself to simply 'be', living with gratitude for each moment and taking each day as a gift. If as a teacher I can offer this path to even a handful of people then I will be exceedingly happy.

Kirsty JandrellKirsty Jandrell

Kirsty qualified as a Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2005 and has been practicing and studying yoga for over fifteen years.

She comes from a diverse yoga background having practiced various forms including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Jivamukti and Kundalini, she has studied with many gifted teachers, including Shiva Rea, Maya Fiennes, and Sharon Gannon, Most recently she completed Claire Missingham’s (200Hr) Vinyasa Flow Teachers Certificate.

Kirsty aims to create a fun and challenging yoga practice, which incorporates humour and music, whilst touching on the spiritual teachings of yoga.

Jozef WiewelJozef Wiewel

Jozef has spent his entire working life teaching, sharing the knowledge he gained from his interest in martial arts, massage and fitness training.

He started teaching yoga in 1984 while working with professional football players. In 1990 he started a clinic in Amsterdam, practising deep muscle tissue massage. The clinic developed quickly with a strong clientele of both professional footballers and professional dance companies.

Jozef's belief and experience is that the key to a successful yoga practice is the understanding of the uniqueness of each persons body and by studying the anatomy within the yoga poses you can achieve a better alignment and safer practice for the individual practitioner of yoga.

Julia RoseJulia Rose

Julia's passion for yoga began in 1999 whilst living in Australia, first practising under Bianca Machliss at Yoga Synergy in Bondi.

When moving back to the UK, her practice continued in both Ashtanga and Iyengar, returning to Australia in 2003 to study at Yoga Arts in Byron Bay, successfully completing their 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training course.  During 2004 she continued her teacher training with Lara Baumann at Ohm Station 3 in London.  In 2005 she returned to Byron Bay to continue her training, completing Yoga Art's 500 hour Yoga Alliance advanced teacher training course.

In 2006, whilst pregnant with the first of her two sons, she completed Birthlight's Pre & Postnatal teacher training in London.  After taking time out (living the life of a busy Mom), she again returned to teaching whilst living for 18 months on Sydney's Northern Beaches.   Julia has taught both group classes and individual tuition in some of the world's most beautiful locations and in 2004 opened Birmingham City Centre's first dedicated yoga studio.  Aside from teaching Julia has been featured in and contributed to numerous publications, including Yoga Magazine and The Guardian.

emily-robsonEmily Robson

Growing up in the Middle East meant Em was exposed to the great benefits of yoga at a very young age. After practising for years and beginning a career in the fitness industry, she then decided to explore and deepen her practise further in Bali where she qualified and has since adored teaching in many avenues including studios, gyms, and retreats. As a great believer in ongoing learning, Em loves to travel around the world and wherever she lands seeks the nearest yoga haven.

Mickey BrownMickey Brown

Mickey started his career at Fitness First in Shrewsbury and have been working at The Shrewsbury Club for the past 6 years. Previously I was a professional footballer for 20 years, playing for numerous clubs including Bolton Wanderers, Preston North End and Shrewsbury Town. During my time as a footballer I have worked with top class fitness coaches, and I enjoy passing on the knowledge and expertise I have gained.                

He believe in life you have to work hard to achieve your goals and same applies to your fitness!  He  incorporates a mix of high intensity interval training, plyometrics, boxing, and innovative exercises to work all the major muscle groups. As well as running the Tabatha Class he offers one-to one sessions.

Helen WildHelen Wild

After training in classical ballet, Helen followed an academic path through university and professional qualifications. She has practised yoga for 25 years, coming to yoga initially to maintain her flexibility, but now enjoying the personal journey of mental, emotional and spiritual development. Having discovered how much yoga improves your day whatever life throws at you; she hopes to share this through teaching.

Helen has been teaching for 5 years. She has qualifications in Hatha yoga and Thai (yin) yoga, but has also practised Iyengar, Ashtanga & Jivamukti styles. She has continued her training with Zoe Knott (BWY) and David Sye (Yogabeats). Helen also teaches Pilates, having trained with Michael King.

AiofeAoife Webster

Aoife has been practising yoga for more than ten years and qualified as a yoga teacher through trainings with appleyoga and Shiva Rea. Aoife enjoys all types of yoga and is most inspired by Vinyasa flow for the unity it creates between breath and movement. Aoife first came to yoga for the benefits it brings to sporting life but soon fell in love with the feelings of contentment, inner strength and peacefulness a yoga class leaves you with and wanted to integrate it into daily life. It has now become a way of life and something she would like to share with the world through her teaching.

Aoife believes yoga is for everyone regardless of age or ability, it’s all about looking after yourself mentally and physically and creating the best version of you. Aoife’s teaching encourages you to take what we do on our yoga mats back out into the world – conscious breathing, calm mindfulness and, of course, the ability to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Dan PeppiattDan Peppiatt

 I 'teach' my own blend of 'Yoga Like Water' from dynamic classes with dozens of asanas and balances to gentle introspective meditative sessions , though really I am simply facilitating practice for others. I take my workshops to any studio that will let me in and teach yoga and mindfulness at Yeotown, voted 'Best yoga' at a British retreat. I also teach meditation in schools am a 'yoga elder' with the Independent Yoga Network and a Level 3 assessor.

After growing up on the edge of London, I had a fun childhood spent skateboarding, climbing, windsurfing, kickboxing and setting fire to things. At some point I decided that I really wanted to be a doctor and with a lot of effort and the refusal to take no for an answer, managed to get into medical school . The long hours of book work really weren't for me though and after the obligatory life-changing stint in India I became a biology and then primary school teacher for many years. These studies have left me with a great understanding of human anatomy, as well as the ability to explain things in a clear logical way; which i apply to my classes, workshops and yoga teacher training course.

I always taught yoga unofficially as a part of daily life at school, with simple relaxation, breathing or 'stretching' integrated somewhere into the school day, I also helped friends and family, never feeling the need for any particular qualification. However with over twenty years of yoga under my belt, I finally trained with Mercedes Ngoh, one of the UK's best flow teachers. My classes and workshops are my own mixture of 'logic based' yoga, people progress rapidly as I encourage them to understand and analyze their own practice, not to copy mine or someone else's.

I am married To Gemma, another yoga teacher and have two amazing daughters, Lila and Jaia, who tend to hijack my home yoga practise. When I'm not teaching away, I run North Devon Yoga Centre with an amazing team of yogis.

emily-higgs-baylissEmily Higgs-Bayliss

Yoga was introduced into Emily’s life by her mum when she was 14, enrolling into a 6 week beginners course. Remembering how much her and her mum laughed at each other during that first class, not having realised what they'd signed up for. It was early in her Yoga journey when she first connected with her energy and recalls the excitement she experienced when first feeling its presents in her hands. From then on she knew there was more to Yoga than just stretches.


Emily’s Yoga journey hasn’t been a straight one, most notably it found its way back into her life 3years ago, when she found a hot yoga studio and rediscovered her love for Yoga. It became a focus, a way of being present during a time of mental distraction - an escape. This led to embarking on a life changing Yoga Retreat in Thailand, where Yoga became more than the practice on the mat, it changed her entire mindset and perspective on life.


Emily went on to do her training in Koh Phangan, Thailand and completed her 200hour Yoga Teacher Training in March 2018. Influenced by Ashtanga and Iyengar her teaching style is alignment focused, providing students with clear alignment instructions and comforting hands-on adjustments. There is no pressure or competition, just the desire to learn from within.


With the clarity and inner strength that Yoga has brought to her, enabling her to navigate through any obstacles and fully appreciate every moment of life. She is passionate about sharing Yoga with everyone to help on their journey to health and happiness.