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Kathy L.

My Soul Space is a amazing yoga studio and I can't recommend it highly enough. The facilities are first class and everyone is friendly, helpful and supportive. New members are warmly welcomed into the fold by Emma and her team who are all very experienced yoga teachers. I joined a year ago having never been to a yoga class before and am a complete convert. I am fitter and more toned than I've ever been and have lost weight which is a bonus. A hot body yoga class leaves me feeling chilled out and energised and is easily the best part of my day. The classes are for beginners and experienced yogis alike and are great for helping combat stress.

Sarah G.

I go to classes at My Soul Space 4-5 times per week on average. I gave up my gym membership to become a full time member, and it was the best thing I could of done.

Hot yoga at this beautiful studio has changed my whole mindset. As soon as you walk in, it feels welcoming and peaceful. The timetable is varied with plenty to choose from, and after every class I feel as though I have had a full detox! The teachers are all very different but great in their own ways - I particularly love Emma and Eileens classes.

My Soul Space has helped me through some very stressful times over the last 12 months, and taking on a membership here has been one of the best decisions I could of made for myself.

Kellr R.

Love this place! The best yoga classes I have ever found ever.

Teachers are all inspiring. And HOT yoga means you burn fat and get all the benefits of yoga in one class; cardiovascular, stretching, centering and calming. Could not recommend more highly.

Anne W.

My Soul Space hot yoga is amazing! It has done wonders for my chronic bad back and has had a really positive effect on my mind and body. Can't recommend it enough!

Alan S. A.

Excellent, would recommend it to anyone looking to get fit, lose weight or de-stress :-)

Emma R.

Emma is an amazing yoga instructor, the best I've found. A combination of flowing, physical movements and the relaxation aspect makes for a great class. Also, after my husband tore his ligaments in a Judo competition, he found Emma's classes very beneficial for rehab.

Julie D.

Great accessible yoga and pilates. Lots of classes to suit all. Highly recommended.

Deb B.

Well proportioned studio, adorned by windows to allow for natural light, efficient heating, hygienic and clean, inviting ambiance provided by candles and inspirational quotations. Emma and all her team are warm, friendly and helpful. The team are knowledgeable, experienced instructors who articulate the practice in a clear, encouraging and never intimidating way. The menu of classes is varied and well balanced in the different disciplines of yoga practice, concentrating on different parts of the body and always mindful of the spine. My Soul Space actively promotes and supports and ethos for encouraging all ages and levels to practice yoga and in particular I am impressed with Emma's aspiration to inspire more younger people to practice. Well done Emma and thank you for bringing your studio to Shrewsbury.

Angharad J.

My Soul Space is a fantastic haven to de-stress and unwind. Hot yoga has changed my body shape like no other exercise. I can't wait to go to class and feel all the amazing benefits.

Roo B.

Amazing yoga studio, love hot yoga, always come out feeling rejuvenated.